Our Client Dashboard provides comprehensive access to our all-online law practice.  

Access your documents, ask questions, conduct legal meetings, even use electronic signatures to complete closings -- all through our Client Dashboard.  You can:

  1. Ask Confidential and Attorney-Client Privileged questions, in our secure messaging area.
  2. Access your document archive combining: (a) template documents, selected for you based on a personalized discussion or a standard course stack, and (b) your custom versions, and (c) your executed versions.
  3. Your messaging history is saved in one place (with optional cc to your personal email).  Save meeting logs and minutes.
  4. Access transactional systems for filing documents.  Use our IP Workbench.
  5. Access attorney calendars for easy electronic scheduling.
  6. Monitor progress of all legal work.
Thus, your work is securely available online, globally.


Video Tour:


Access a shared spreadsheet with all open and completed matters.  Get up-to-the minute project status.


All documents are stored in a shared dropbox for frictionless collaboration.  Based on our client assessment, we populate your dropbox with useful documents.  Revisions and versions can be tracked with redline edits, and final versions can be executed with electronic signatures.


A private and secure message area is provided for asking quick questions.  


We also use videoconferencing extensively for client meetings.


Our attorney schedule is available online.  Schedule an appointment at your convenience.  We also provide standing meetings for our fractional general counsel clients.


View past information and deals.


We also provide a basic IP searching workbench for client use.

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