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About The Greco Law Firm PLLC

Entrance to our 30 Wall Street Office

The Greco Law Firm PLLC provides legal services to entrepreneurial and intellectual-value companies, with an emphasis on technology, intellectual property, international and corporate transactions. Our core areas are:

  • Technology: online businesses, e-commerce, fintech, privacy, development deals, data deals, due diligence, sourcing.
  • Intellectual Property: portfolio management, registration and acquisition, licensing, transactions, and dispute resolution.
  • International: U.S. transactions for international companies, EU transactions for U.S. businesses.  Support for global reach technology companies and specific cross-border transactions.
  • Corporate: start-ups, financing, acquisition, corporate meetings, clean-up projects, HR, executive agreements.

We are fully digital, ahead of many big firms -- with shared dropbox, teleconferencing, and other secure online services.  We use a powerful document library to provide state-of-the-art legal solutions that are nimble and cost-effective, populating your dropbox with deal templates from day one. We bring deep tech industry knowledge and get to know your competitive landscape, to take the templates to a higher level of precision and better support your business.

Everything you need for a growth, online or technology business -- all-in-one -- served to you in an online, on-demand format that is client-centric and truly global.  Our practice is also supported by online courses and pannel discussions that make effective use of your time, connect you with experts, and expand your deal horizon.

We offer simplified, clear pricing, with fixed fee and monthly subscription 'packages'. We can act as your 'outsourced General Counsel' or 'fractional GC'.  And, you can get started anytime with our practical online webinars.

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Retaining Our Legal Services

​We act as 'outsourced General Counsel' or 'fractional GC' for some clients, and provide comprehensive U.S. representation for international companies.

Here are our rates --

Monthly Subscription / Fractional General Counsel:
  • Monthly subscriptions: 20 hours/month $2500, 5 hours/month $750
  • Pause the plan anytime.  All automated billing.
Other 'Fixed Fee' Services:
  • Simple LLC, one member $750, PLLC/specialized $950, multimember $2500. 
  • Simple trademark filing: $450 plus fees, additional $150 per class.
Hourly/Traditional Retainer:
  • Legal services, single hour $325
  • Legal services, prepaid retainer: 20 hours $3500
All Clients:
  • Schedule 15 minute increments.  Ask questions anytime online.
  • Access seminars, events, online resources, document templates...
Paralegal services and associate attorneys available at discounted rates.

Note: All legal projects are different and prices noted above are guidelines Because this communication may be considered Attorney Advertising, you should know: (1) past outcomes do not guarantee a future result, and (2) this communication is not legal advice.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are a client, please schedule an appointment here.

If you are taking a class please use this scheduler.

If you are not currently a client, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, typically within a few hours.

Thank you !

- Jay Greco

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Strong Privacy.

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IP Assignment Agreements


IP to Improve Corporate Valuation

Ultimately, valuable IP should increase the bottom line valuation of a company. Attention to details makes this happen.

Infringement Monitoring

Monitoring programs.

Trade Secret Programs

Recent changes to the U.S. and international Trade Secret laws have created powerful new protections.

IP Registration Programs

Strategic registrations. International registrations. Registrations times with product releases or other events.

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