John F. Greco

I am a New York attorney with seventeen years of practical experience in technology, intellectual property, corporate, and international law. My current practice focuses on assisting intellectual-value companies with a full range of legal needs in a cost effective online format. Previously, I was an associate at a large law firm, and a consultant for the United Nations. 

Before law, I earned an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and spent eleven years building innovative software.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Attorney for dozens of entrepreneurial companies, providing a broad range of legal services from incorporation through financing to acquisition.
  • Documented IP defenses for a major stock exchange, analyzing documents, email, and source code.
  • Managed e-discovery for a global media company in disputes exceeding one billion alleged infringements.
  • Negotiated 100+ technology procurement and sourcing deals for a top insurance company.
  • Reviewed 200+ IPOs for a variety of insider activities.
  • Developed a corporate invention program for a major financial institution. Within a year the patent pipeline had 75+ applications.
  • Managed a complex domain name portfolio for a global beverage/entertainment company with thousands of names and dozens of active disputes.
  • As a legal technologist for the United Nations, I developed the World Court website and assisted with web publication of the ILOLEX database.
  • As software engineer, I created award-winning software for building energy design (BEEM), software for manufacturing/aerospace (Gerber Systems), and dozens of educational programs (Smith College).

I am also a founder, currently active with an online language learning venture.

I travel frequently, especially to Italy (Catania), where I lived, 2010-13, and our daughter was born, 2011. We are frequently in Catania and other parts of Italy.

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